3: Could Stress Be Stopping My Weight Loss Journey?

Episode 3 – Stress and Weight loss – Could stress be stopping my weight loss journey?

Being a PT has really taught me a lot, especially when it comes to weight loss and stress.

With the obesity epidemic we have in the world this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Some of the things I chat about are:

(5.30) The approach needed when you just can’t seem to shift any weight
(5.50) The symptom I ignored that could be the reason your weight isn’t shifting
(8.11) What breaks my heart that I wish everyone could experience
(8.31) Why you should stop following fad diets
(9.13) What to do if you feel like stress is stopping your weight loss
(9.43) How to make sure you’re seeing the right practitioner
(7.02) Why you shouldn’t diet and exercise more when the kilo’s are getting higher
(7.09) The program you need if stress is getting in the way of your weightloss
(8.19) How I was putting on weight by eating well and exercising
(8.38) One of the first symptoms of stress that usually goes by undetected
(9.19) The next stress symptoms that begin to show because of that, wait until you hear these
(11.32) What is actually happening to your body when stressed
(12.19) What you must do when you are always go, go, go
(12.58) Why women have it worse
(13.26) Why homeostasis is important when trying to fall pregnant and what that means
(14.21) I answer the question, can stress make you put on weight
(14.42) Why I never give out meal plans
(15.23) Why you should stop dieting
(15.33) 3 ways to lose weight when dealing with stressors
(15.44) Is calories in vs calories out the answer?
(16.48) 2 health-saving reasons you shouldn’t diet
(18.03) The Biggest Loser study – this will open your eyes!
(18.41) Why depriving yourself of calories can stuff you up for life
(20.13) What you need to understand about your body
(21.55) Why learning to trust your instincts is important
(22.17) It’s not macro’s like protein, fats and carbs you should be focusing on
(23.01) Why I believe you should eat more, move less and recover better to lose weight
(24.02) I share my 12 step de-stress protocol with you, write these down!
Ans so much more!