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First Time Coaching With Me?

I know it can be a little daunting the first time you work with a coach and that's why I've created this first initial offer for YOU. 
If you keep your heart happy, you keep it healthy!
In just 15 minutes you will see that there is actually a way to navigate through your stagnation and you will feel the opportunity you have to bring your best self to life!
  • 15 Minute Clarity & Focus Call
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Fitness Client Progress

This is a mum of 2, a business owner and a loving wife. She was training for a while at the gym with little results. I knew I could help her. When she became part of The HOL Crew she went from strength to strength. So far she has lost 53cm all over and 6.2kgs in 4 months. I'm excited to see her next 4 month transformation!

I love when a wife signs up her husband! This is exactly what happened here and his whole life has transformed. From eating habits to wellness to his exercise routine to physical appearance. In 3 months he shed a massive 77.8cm and 7.92kgs! His posture has improved, his weak ankles have stabilised and his knee injury isn't holding him back anymore. He is a prime example of: Hard work pays off!

How I Can Benefit You

I Got you

To make your feel better we need to find out what you need. I cover all areas of health. The mental, physical and emotional.


I make everything fun, safe and achievable, even when it’s challenging.

pains or injuries. you too?

I’ll coach you on how to reduce pain and work with it. If it is chronic, we can work with releasing any stored negative emotions from your past.

always learning

I can keep you accountable & give guidelines to ensure your mental, physical and emotional health is at optimum level!

good VIBES only

Our community is something special. Come and join us if your searching for a holistic approach. Search facebook: The HOL Crew Community


I challenge you to be better than yesterday. I’ve done it with thousands of others and I can see you do it too.

Coaching Options

Interested in Coaching with me?

Click below for your FREE E-Book with all the information you need to get started!

Our Packages

10 Minute Fat Burning Booty Workout


Check out a few client testimonials and what they have to say about Hol Health


The training is top quality with Helen. Massage! Wow. I had the very best massage today with Kunga. I’m so relaxed. Thank you Kunga. You have so much knowledge and healing hands.

Stacey F.


Helen is the only PT you should EVER SEE! Highly recommend if you want someone who is committed to ensuring you train to your potential while monitoring your movements to ensure no injury. Helen is all about the whole package of diet and exercise and she is great at muscle recovery also. My knee was 90% better after hobbling up and down stairs, with just one session with Helen with the foam roller. She also points out incorrect posture/techniques.. She will also work with you on nutrition or personal goals you have to make sure you maximise the benefit without straining/breaking anything. She doesn't yell like other PTs, she just encourages you and pushes you to achieve.

Joseph D.


Helen is one hell of a PT! Not only is she passionate about fitness but she approaches it in a very holistic way that is about overall health and well being and strives to achieve long term and lasting results. I have seen amazing results in my body in the couple of months that I have been with Helen and feel a lot better than I have in a very long time. Thank you Helen!

Ekin G.


My entire life I’ve had nothing but loathing towards my legs. Helen got into my brain and I’ve learnt to see how great they are. I can run and jump and play, they are strong and this is the first time I looked at a photo, saw my legs and felt pride. Those legs pressed 120kgs, they ran 8km, they allow me to interact and play with my daughters, they look good!!!

Renee P


I joined Hol Health small group because I needed to become fitter and healthier. I couldn’t do a whole range of activities for years due to previous sporting injuries in both my knee (no ACL) and ankle (missing 2 ligaments). I used knee and ankle supports when playing any form of sport however continued to suffer with ongoing weakness in these two areas. As a result I gained weight and played less.


Having trained with Helen for 4 weeks and following her dietary and excersize advice I now have more strength and confidence in myself and am able to play squash and excersize without wearing supports or feeling discomfort. I have a complete new mindset, more energy, a new focus and have lost 5kgs in this time.


I have a new lifestyle too now, which I love. It includes regular visits to the Gym, sports with friends, healthy diet and yes I still drink Beer! (…just a lot less)

Pedro G


Happy to report that I fit back into my jeans! Only a month ago I could barely get these past my knees let alone done up. Today I decided to give them a try. Husband caught me doing a little happy dance 🤣


Now get this, my weight on the scales has barely changed but my shape has. I feel sooooo much better.

Thanks Helen for always challenging me and insisting that I CAN. Thanks to all you guys too for the constant support and inspiration..

Rebecca L


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