Mindset Is Everything

With 1 healthy decision you can begin the journey to reaching your goal.

Mindset Is Everything

With 1 healthy decision you can begin the journey to reaching your goal.


Powerful Morning Meditation To Get You In The Right Mindset

Ways You Can Work With Me

1 on 1 Coaching

Everyone needs a coach. Life is better when you have support, a backbone, accountability and guidance. My coaching programs are specialised depending on your circumstance and the best way forward. You will be one of only 4 people that I work with 1 on 1 and I do this consciously to give all of my focus and energy to each client. Sessions are on Zoom.
  • Book Helen for an Event, Workshop or a Customised Seminar. - Topics based around: Mindset, Resilience, Identity, Self Worth, Self Talk, Purpose, Mental Health & Physical Health. Please email through a brief and we will get in touch: 
  • Empower Yourself Coaching $499usd monthly - minimum 6 month commitment paid upfront. Payment plan incurs 10% fee. 60-90 minute fortnightly sessions to keep you on purpose, on track and manifesting the dreams you are ready for. Helen’s energy is contagious and offers you the space to build your drive, your motivation, your energy as well as the positivity and the support system you need in your life to continually have success.

  • 8 Week Step Into Your Power Program $2995usd - Specialised intervention utilising NLP Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and Life Coaching. You will receive weekly 90 minute sessions that are truly transformational and life changing. We safely work together to release negative emotions, negative thoughts, negative beliefs. You must be 100% ready to commit and play full out. 24/7 Access to Helen via Voxer. ( 3-6 part payment plan incurs 10% admin fee)

  • Life Coaching $599usd monthly - minimum 3 month commitment paid upfront. Payment plan available incurs 10% fee. 30-60 minute fortnightly sessions that help you make progress towards your goals and dreams, stay in the right mindset and constantly moving forward with support. 24/7 Access to Helen via Voxer

  • Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy:registered: 4 Week Journey $799usd - Once weekly 90 minute sessions to help facilitate change. Customised to your individual needs. 24/7 Access to Helen via Voxer. All hypnosis sessions are recorded for lifetime accessibility.

  • Children’s Confidence & Resilience 4 Week Program - $1495usd

    to help your child combat fears, challenges and improve mental health.
    This program is customised to meet the needs of each individual child.
    Ways that this program helps:

    -Building up self confidence
    -Creating a more resilient child
    -Transitioning to a ‘Growth Mindset’
    -Learning how to deal with challenges
    -Bringing your happy, positive child back




Everything you need to know about overcoming stagnation and a negative mindset

Finding happiness and purpose

Improving self confidence, self love and self worth

Manifesting soulful relationships and friendships

Creating your X-Factor, contagious energy and beautiful aura

Revamping a sustainable approach to your lifestyle when it comes to health, nutrition and fitness

Social media and organic marketing your small business

Creating amazing instagram content for branding your business


A 20 minute complimentary consultation to discuss your coaching or hypnotherapy needs with Helen

Your journey with me is a 4 step process and i call this:


10 Minute Fat Burning Booty Workout

Helen offers Small Group Sessions locally in Lalor Park, NSW as well as virtually for people anywhere in the world. Take a look below!


Session descriptions

  • 3


    HIIT Session aimed and maximum fat burn in minimum time. Get in, get it done, go home!

  • holhealth

    Yoga & Meditation

    Dynamic vinyasa yoga session that will build foundational strength, flexibility and heal the body. Meditation at the end will allow you to decompress as you return back to calm. This class will bring balance and counteract inflammation & stress.

  • 5

    Muscle Hustle

    Strength session based on resistance training and building muscle.

  • 6


    Functional training challenging the very edge of your strength and fitness capacity.

  • 4

    Yoga Chill

    Gentle yoga practise with slow transitions that will open the body and clear your mind.


Check out a few client testimonials and what they have to say about Hol Health

Last year I connected with Helen at a training event with Mindset Mastery NLP. I was instantly drawn to her energy & passion to help others. At the time my 13yr old daughter was self harming & in a dark space emotionally & physically. As I have complete trust in Helen I reached out to her to coach & mentor my daughter.

The one question I will always remember Helen asked was what was my intention for my daughter. I responded I want her to love herself. Helen worked with my daughter for 8 weeks & in that time frame I noticed results dramatically after each session.

She looked alive & was no longer walking around like the world was on her shoulders. Her grades at school increased, she was focused & present. Helen was able to remove her negative emotions Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt through Timeline Therapy(R) & this was the weight of the world my daughter had been feeling. Her whole physiology changed from feeling no self worth to purpose. Helen helped her to regulate her emotions & navigate my daughter back to wholeness. My daughter is thriving & achieving her goals that she worked with Helen. She is happy & in love with her self confidentiality & unapologetically.


The most rewarding part of coaching s that I can see and feel such an enormous change. I’m feeling inner peace like I haven’t before.

Timeline therapy helped me the most.

Coaching has helped me overcome my anxiety and manage my inner thoughts. It has also helped me with seeing things very differently to what I was before and this is what was causing me to be anxious.

I have let go of past hurts so they don’t get in the way now.
I now feel like I can do anything. I always knew this but something was holding me back. Now that something doesn’t exist!

I’m so very grateful to Helen and the coaching she has provided for me. Helen is intuitive, easy to open up to and very encouraging.


When I was 11 I fell off of a fence and smashed my face into concrete which caused severe injuries to my nose, with the shape and my ability to breathe. I was told I would need to get surgery when I was older. Growing up after the fall, my nose had become my biggest insecurity because of the extra bone and scar tissue that had formed over the years, as well as my nose constantly going red when exercising or my body just simply getting hot from the weather. Last year when I was 20 years old, I had gone to see a surgeon about getting my surgery done and it was booked in for the following year straight away. Getting closer to the date I was starting to get extremely anxious and scared about recovering from surgery and what I was going to look like because I didn’t want to look fake or have anything go wrong. The day before my surgery, Helen performed a hypnotherapy on me for my surgery and to be honest I don’t remember what was said I went into a deep sleep and woke up lighter like a brick had been lifted off my chest. The next morning going into the hospital I was deep down freaking out, but I knew I was going to be okay and kept my cool. I kept telling myself positive things that I was going to look cute after, breathe so much better, feel so much more confident and that I was in safe hands. I shifted my anxiety and nerves into something positive like Helen has taught me since the beginning of the year! Before I went into the operating room, I kept saying my affirmations to myself and I suddenly got so excited for my surgery, before I knew it, I was awake in my bed, pain free and didn’t even react with any type of nausea from the anaesthetic! Which I always do!! Since my surgery I have not felt any pain & considering how long/drastic the surgery was my body has recovered so well! I have been only saying positive things and pushing myself through the little moments. Yesterday the cast came off my face and I saw my nose and cried because I didn’t recognise myself but I was so happy with the result.. now I love my look, I can breathe a significant amount more than what I could before and my confidence is at a point it has never been at.. all I can say is thank you Helen for teaching me to love myself & always being there for me


I struggled for a long time find a person that was the right fit. I suffered for years with lower back pain, neck/nerve injury, and overall fatigue and muscle loss. I had joined gyms, other fitness programs and went to medical professional to help me deal with emotional trauma and pain, with no results. I struggled to stay focused or committed to any exercise program I was easily unmotivated and never accountable.

Helen came into my life when I was losing hope of ever finding someone that could really understand and be able to help me holistically as surgery was not an option.
Helen has helped me in so many ways. Through coaching, out of my comfort zone. Helen is passionate and will go out of her way to help and reassure you that you are doing well. I am happy moving forward knowing that Helen has given me the right tools to make me a better version of me Thank you Helen Uskovic.


When I started coaching I was on anti-depressants and in such a slump with my life. I was becoming someone that I didn’t want to be. I didn’t have a job. My relationship was not healthy I really had no self-confidence. I was anxious and my negative overthinking was really at an all-time low.

My doctor fully supported my decision to coach with Helen in the hopes that I stay off anti-depressants and I still can’t believe that I am free of medication!

Helen confidently told me that we can manifest everything I want and all I had to do was trust the process and play full out.

She was in the slump with me, she guided me, supported me and was patient while I navigated through my journey.

She held space for me and believed in me the whole time.
Some of the NLP techniques were so weird but they really worked.
I am so proud of myself and how far I’ve come at the end of the Step Into Your Power Program.
I now have the best job, I live in the most beautiful place, I’m surrounded my amazing people.
I can confidently say that I am strong.
I am so much more confident and happier.
I know who to help myself when I need to.
I know what I deserve and I’m living life with a much healthier mindset, I know that I can do anything.


I began mindset coaching because I was sick of being down and unhappy. I was not motivated every day of my life.

Now I’ve learnt how to love myself and be the best I can be.

This has been one of my hardest challenges but I believed in Helen and she believed in me.


Mum, I feel more confident at school. Those thoughts I used to have, have gone the last two days! Helen is helping me so much.

10 year old coaching client

I have always struggled with my emotions and self-confidence but a few months ago I was in my lowest state of mind. I was broken. My headspace was all over the place because of work stress, anxiety and my relationships in my life were failing. I felt lost and alone. That is when I reached out to Helen. Helen’s coaching taught me that I am not alone and that I am unique and that life is always happening for us and not to us. Helen’s sessions have provided me with the tools that will allow me to reach my goals and the life I want as long as I put the work in. I am still learning but I am much happier and my headspace is clearer and I am nicer to myself. So, thank you Helen for guiding me out of the darkness I was in.



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