Quarter 3 Goal Setting & Implementation Workshop

To guarantee your best year yet:

I will be holding an online (zoom) workshop for goal setting/ focus and intention this Saturday, it will take 60 minutes (max. 90min)
The session is $20 for recurring members or $69 if you need the planners mailed to you. There are 3 Planners:

•HOL Health Yearly Wall Planner
•HOL Health Weekly Planner
•HOL Health Daily Planner In this interactive workshop you will set goals and your action plans for:

-every important area of life
-a quarterly focus July-September
-your 2021 vision
-your word of the year
-your best, holistically healthy life

What you will need:
-Zoom on your laptop
-a pen
-your planners
-distraction free zone

This is a sure-fire way to manifest your dreams and goals!

Self Care Sunday

The annual HOL Health Cleanse is starting July 1st- July 10th

This year it is only 10 Days and it is an Alkalising Cleanse this year. I thought this would be the best cleanse due to all the viruses and bugs floating around in the world.

I want this cleanse to focus on reducing acidity, inflammation and building up immunity.

I will be sharing daily support emails (with recipes) during this cleanse and we will help each other through this on our facebook group . We do it together as a team, we support each other like no other detox program out there!
Basically what we will reduce or eliminate is animal products, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and sugar.

You will have your accountability on our closed facebook group.
If you feel like you need more motivation and you have children, events, work, or any other excuses, let me just remind you - there is no perfect time. Think of the beautiful gift you are giving to yourself. Everything will be OK.
In fact here are some more benefits:

•glowing and radiant skin
•better digestion and alleviate bloating
•increased energy throughout the day
•sound sleep and clarity of mind
•reduced cravings, thus, it is a perfect weight management tool
•feel renewed and motivated
•weight loss ( I usually shed 3kg’s in this 10 days)
Investment $15

Register Here:

Self Care Sunday

SUNDAY JUNE 13th | 12:30pm-2pm

Learn how to give yourself a full-body tune-up just about anywhere, anytime. Learn how to use the foam roller, tennis ball, golf ball and stretch major muscle groups. Learn one of the easiest and fastest ways to stretch, recover, and prevent injury by using myofascial release!

You will increase muscle flexibility and reduce pain by releasing tension in the connective tissues of your whole body. This workshop is great for physical aches, pains, stress, anxiety and also a great refresher in physical self-care.

Do you:

  • Have muscle tension from overuse or poor postural habits?
  • Run out of time to book a massage when you really need one?
  • Not look after your own body enough?

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