11: Is Weighing Yourself Weighing You Down?

OMG! How annoying is scale weight? This obsession we have with the number on those scales can really affect our mood and I have seen it first hand.

I dedicated today’s episode on giving you tips and tools on what you should actually be doing for fat loss.

The things I chat about today:
-How often you should weigh yourself if you’re on a fat loss journey (5.22)
-What to do with your scales if you’re in a normal weight range (7.01)
-What really matters when it comes to fat loss (7.41)(5.36)
-What to focus on with your physical appearance (8.20)
-What to work on when it comes to fat loss (10.27)
-11 HOT Tips on what you should do instead of focusing on scales(13.14)
-And so much more..!