The Best Hack to Get You More Productive

Productivity is a wonderful thing and it is something I have had to master because I used to procrastinate a lot.

I love making sure that my days are productive and effective because at the end of the day I feel accomplished and that does wonders or my mental health and it will for you too.

Here is my best hack to go about being more productive. It’s 1 hack, but split into 3 different parts.

1a.) Have your very own success list.

A success list is also known as a ‘to-do’ list, however I prefer the word success. ‘To-do’ can make you feel like you are constantly in a state of busy and I much prefer a state of calm and control. A success at list is also fantastic because it makes you realise that this task is taking you on a path of success. With your success list what I like doing is having a section specifically for the tasks to complete for today. Something I find really important is to have no more than three tasks to complete in a day. Keep the list realistic and achievable. I like getting this list done the night before.
NOTE: Something else that is very satisfying is ticking off the task once you complete it.

1b.) List anything you don’t want to forget

Have a section on your success list page where you can write down anything that you need to remember. eg. texting your friend for their birthday.

NOTE: This is great to do the night before!

2.) Schedule your day

On your Success List there should be space for a section with your schedule of the day. You might have a calendar on google that has your appointments, but your daily schedule is important because you can list down any appointments that you have, for example, a gym workout at 6AM, a meeting at 9AM, dinner plans at 7pm etc.
NOTE: This shows you the gaps in your day where you can complete your 3 important tasks!

The key to productivity is organisation and getting it out of your head and onto paper. Once you get it out of your head it allows your mind to be clear and focused, which will help you master your day. Time management and putting pen to paper was a game changer for me and I hope it will be for you to!