Losing Body Fat Is As Simple As 1,2,3!

Losing body fat, in particular belly fat can be a lifetime struggle. But what if I told you that in only 2 months you could make an extraordinary change to your body fat percentage?

I did it and so can you!

This blog is mainly for those people that are eating well, slugging it out at the gym but still feel like nothing is shifting off the body and you’re about to pull your hair out!

Before I reveal the answer, there are some fundamentals that must be adhered to. Without these your results will falter.

The 3 most important factors that you must have right before I give you
the missing link to the fat loss equation are:

1. Nutrition. You must be diligent in your effort to eat clean and in a healthy caloric deficit. To keep it real simple… Half your meal should be coloured foods (fruit or vegetables), a quarter of your meal should be protein and a quarter fats or carbs. Snack on fruits. I don’t care what anyone says, I believe that fat loss results come from about 90% of your nutrition. Be more disciplined, it’s not easy at the start but it will get easier.

2. Sleep. You must get close to 8 hours of sleep each night. The hormones we need to help us lose weight are at the 7-8 hour sleep period. Without this hormone release, your dreams of busting fat will be more difficult. Turn off all bright lights an hour or two before bed and read or meditate.

3. Strength Training. Don’t miss strength training, for the rest of your life. However, if fat loss is your goal, be strategic with it. I’ll explain how!

Seriously, if you really want to bust belly fat, all of the above must be consistent or close to. If they aren’t yet, then I would advise that you focus on those 3 points first only.

After 8 weeks of this experiment I dropped a dress size, my clothes are fitting so much better, my frame reduced all over, everyone at the gym has been commenting and asking what I’m doing which makes me super excited to pass the information onto you because it’s so simple!

When I created HOL Health, I wanted to show people how easy it is to be fit and healthy when you have the right information. I say this all the time, but it’s true – if I can do it – anyone can. I have yo-yo’d most of my life, could never stick to a diet, got sick of the gym after 3 months and my body was a direct reflection of not having the right information.

With nutrition – I shifted my bad eating habits over a few years, my junk treats became less and less, unhealthy options became less and less, foods and drinks that are nutritionally void have become less and less. Gaining control of nutrition made me gain control of my emotions and thoughts as well, it’s quite powerful.

With sleep – I gave up DJ-ing and MC-ing and regained quality sleep. Health & Wellness took priority in my life. I began meditating daily, journaling daily, reading more, blogging more and I love inspiring people each day!

With strength training – I hired a PT (before I was a PT) and discovered the benefits, especially with healing my aches and pains and avoiding further injuries.

So follow my way, the HOL way… and instead of aiming for perfection, aim for being better than yesterday and always keep your mindset focused on the long term benefit. Envision it, every day.

I have to make one thing clear…

There is no such thing as spot reducing fat.

For the most part you have to lose overall body fat and your genes decide where that fat comes from.

If I could change this fact I would, but I can’t, and that sux. So, that’s why I’m sharing the next best thing with you, and no, it’s not sliced bread. LOL.

Did Someone Say Cardio?

Although strength training can help you build lean muscle, which burns more calories at rest, cardio is an essential piece of the fat loss puzzle.

Cardio (movement) is important for fat loss.

Energy (calorie) balance is key for fat loss.

Always keep this in mind. Expend more energy then you take in by eating less or moving more or do both.

Cardio is simply a way of increasing your energy output and is a great fat loss tool. It is what is holding the secret as I so easily found out!

So let’s talk about cardio for a second.

There are 3 types of cardio.
1) Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) eg walking for 30 minutes.
2) Moderate Intensity Steady State (MISS) eg. 5km run. The exercise can be maintained for an extended period and the pace and exertion feel uncomfortable.
3) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Alternates between short periods of high intensity activity with periods of low intensity recovery.

For best results, do all 3, I say. Mix it up every day and have fun with it!

Please remember, it’s super important to incorporate strength training into your routine especially with progressive overload. Not only does strength training burn calories and make you perform your cardio better, but it also keeps the body from adapting eg. If you walk on a treadmill every single day your body will adapt and you
won’t see results unless you push yourself to go faster or longer.

With strength training you can constantly challenge your body with different moves, increasing weight, doing more reps etc which will yield results.

How much cardio should you do to lose body fat?

Although nutrition plays the biggest role in losing weight (calories in versus calories out) I would recommend you do 200-300 minutes a week of cardio and aim to do 2 days of strength training weekly.

Try for 5 days of cardio a week at 45 minutes to really burn body fat and lose weight.

Want to see an example of what I’ve been doing that’s worked wonders?

Monday: 1 hour group fitness class (moderate intensity)
Tuesday: 20-30 minutes of spin bike intervals (1-2 minutes standing and riding with resistance then 3-4 minutes of seated sprinting with lowered resistance) I will also do a 30-45 minute strength session
Wednesday: 10 minutes on the step machine, 20 minutes on the cross trainer, 30 minute HIIT class
Thursday: 90 minutes Bikram Yoga and a 45 minute strength session
Friday: 5 minutes step machine, 5-15 minute treadmill jog, 5-10 minute spin bike fast cycling, 60 minute Zumba Class
Saturday: rest or a 20-30 minute cycle
Sunday: Bikram Yoga, 40 minute HIIT session or an outdoor hike

So I have consistently been doing anywhere from 270 – 500 minutes of cardio each week, whilst eating very well and sleeping as close as I can to 8 hours.

What cardio should you do?
Some people may find LISS boring and some people may find HIIT training hard.

*If you are new to training, unfit or overweight begin slow!

You can also combine on or two types per session. I do this with my clients alot! For example, 20 minutes of Moderate Intensity and 20 minutes of High Intensity.


Change it up all the time so that it excites you. Use the treadmill, spin bike, cross trainer, swim, jog, walk, do a fitness class, an outdoor activity etc.

Remember, to lose belly fat and body fat, lifestyle habits are still key. Dial in on your nutrition and eat in a healthy caloric deficit (if you’re unsure about calories, look at healthy meals online so you can understand portion control and try to keep your portions the same), don’t overeat and don’t starve yourself otherwise you will gain fat, get enough sleep, do your cardio days with a couple of strength training days thrown in and voila!

Stay consistent, you will see drastic results within 2 months!

I’d love to hear your stories after you try this.