9: Look and Feel The Way You've Always Wanted

Look and Feel The Way You’ve Always Wanted

Staying healthy and staying in shape shouldn’t be a difficult task. So why have we got it all wrong? In this episode I guide you through many ways to shift the bad habits that can send our health and body shape backwards.

I chat about:

-The things to watch out for with your diets (5.36)
-I share my vegan experience with you (6.00)
-Something easy to do to aid longevity in your life (8.26)
-How to gain energy with a nutritional hack (9.00)
-I share a hot tip for your pre-breakfast or breakfast to better your shape and health (9.47)
-I also share my eating disorder and my toxic food relationship and how I changed it all (11.10)
-If you’re overweight or obese, what you can do when you feel hunger pain on your weight loss journey (14.01)
-What really happens if you diet and why you put on weight after your diet (17.35)
-How to amp your metabolism (22.03)
-What time of day to eat your biggest meal to ensure easy digestion (23.08)
-How to stop unnecessary snacking! (24.07)
-How long it can take to change to your not-so-healthy lifestyle habits (27.00)
-What your plate should look like at dinner time (29.46)
-What to do for that late night snack instead of reaching for junk food (30.14)
-How to overcome obesity and being overweight and what to expect you do it (30.49)
-Plus so much more..!