21: It's Corona Time – How Can I Help You with Barry Nicolaou

Barry’s ability to locate and define purpose and drive lead him to the publication and #1 Best Selling ranking of his first book; The 11 Master
Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment.
National talks, keynote addresses, workshops and seminars are Barry’s passion as he deconstructs the layers beneath cognitive fear, subconscious paradigms, Inherited thinking and their intimate relationship to real-world expectations and experiences.
His Online Courses taken directly from his #1 Best Selling book are produced for Individuals, students and businesses who seek to form an
immediate blueprint on strengths to align with vocation and if desired, financial freedom. Barry serves students and produces seminars
surrounding subconscious paradigms as a primary asset and driver for internal fulfilment and external success.

In today’s episode we chat about:
-What we need to address right now during the Coronavirus saga
-What you should do if you are suffering financially
-What you should focus on right now now that we are isolated at home
-What the one thing is that makes humans go crazy if you take it away
-We talk about what really matters in life
-How you should be thinking during this time to get the most out of this pandemic
-What gesture lead Barry to be featured in the Oprah magazine
-Barry gives us all a 14 Day Challenge which will be able to spread magic in the world
-And so much more..!

Links: www.barrynicolaou.com