1: Begin This Super Important List Before New Years

Welcome to the very first episode of Your Coach, Helen Uskovic!

I am so excited about today’s topic because it is what has helped lead me to my success! (After many failed attempts)

I share with you the tools, habits and success secrets that changed my life.

In this episode I chat about:

•Who I am and what I do (2.54)
•Where people go wrong with goals for the New Year (4.30)
•Your 2019 in reflection (4.40)
•How to be certain that you’ll achieve your 2020 goals (5.49)
•What Tony Robbins said that changed my life forever (6.06)
•How to open your mind to the possibilities of reaching your goals (6.50)
•How I did just that and manifested my goals (7.13)
•The biggest regret to avoid in life (8.14)
•How to work backwards to move forwards (8.35)
•2 of the BIGGEST turning points of my life (10.23)
•What you must know to find your potential (12.36)
•How to get through your trauma, injury or pain (16.15)
•I’ll give you your new morning mantra to kickstart your powerful mindset (17.50)
•How to stop negativity in its tracks (18.47)
•The 3 steps I used to heal my chronic pain (19.22)
•What your most important goal should be (21.11)
•How I lost my vision because of physical and mental stress (25.52)
•How I set up my goals, have a pen and paper handy! (31.27)
•And so much more..!