Self Care Sunday


This day is the ultimate in Physical Self Care!

What is it?
It’s a 2 hour practical workshop that will release a lot of stored up stiffness, tension and stress in your body. We will infuse a range of methods and techniques that you will be armed with, to be able to help yourself whenever you need.

What sort of things does it include?
•Foam Rollering
•Therapy Balls
•Stretch Bands
•Yin Yoga

This is for you if you:
•Have muscle tension from overuse or poor postural habits
 •Run out of time to book a massage when you really need one
 •Don’t look after your own body enough
•Need a time-out to look after your exhausted mind and body

Investment: only $39

Wear: Comfy gym clothing

Bring: Your own foam roller, therapy balls and yoga mat (to keep it covid-friendly, however I will have all equipment to offer as well)

Location: Seven Hills, NSW

Refreshments will be provided - YUM!

I’m super excited that we can spend some time to give back to your amazing human.

There really is nothing better than feeling well.

If you have any questions contact us 


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