At-Home Workouts That You’ll Love


Welcome to the era of self-isolation!


I have decided to do something special for you!


For the last 2 weeks, I have been busy working with my assistant on the perfect at-home workout for you and it is finally ready to leave my hot little hands and jump into yours!


I created the perfect Body Weight Workout that requires no equipment. Yes, you heard right, NO equipment needed!


There is more good news. The workout itself is just 15 minutes long, now seriously, you definitely have 15 minutes to look after your health right? Of course, you do!


If you have 30 minutes all you need to do is repeat the same workout, sound simple enough?




How to do your at-home workout

I recommend doing this

  • Decide how many reps of each exercise to do — I’ve given you a guide in your book
  • Set a timer for break time. I suggest one minute! Complete the circuit and then begin break time before the next round.
  • No home workout is complete without music, so pump up your favourite workout playlist (or use mine) to energise your workout!


Enjoy your own home workout using my program

When you can’t get outside, use this challenging and fun workout. Training at home can be a great way to get your workout in, without leaving the comfort of your own home!


Using these exercises, you can achieve your fitness goals with these short workouts that effectively raise your heart rate and build your strength.


Tips for Working Out at Home


Remove The Distractions

Please please please turn your phone on do not disturb or silent! Distractions can throw you off track and take you away from your workout! Whether it be family members, your pets, phone or TV, a text or notification. The best thing you can do is remove ALL distractions before you start - so you aren’t even tempted! Don’t ruin your short workout, the distractions can wait.


Create Your Own “Workout Zone”

If you’re someone that can’t get motivated having your own workout space is perfect. It will be your ‘gym space’ and really help you to stick to an exercise routine. Personalise the space by laying out a yoga mat, or having equipment in the workout zone!


Get Your Hands On It!

OK! Are you ready to workout with me?

The Home Workout is available for just $46.

BUT, I have something really special for you if you get in quick!

I’m so excited to announce that I have 25 HOL Health Home Workout Bundles available!


What You Get:

  • Not only will you receive this home workout, you will receive 2 additional Bodyweight Workouts to keep the variety exciting. That’s a total of 3 Bodyweight Home Workouts! (valued at $108.00)
  • Hold on to your knickers, there’s more! You will also receive not 1, not 2, but 3 Home Workouts with Dumbbells! (valued at $108.00)
  • AND! If you are one of the first 25 people, you will also receive your very own HOL Health Booty Band! (valued at $46.00)


How cool is that?!


Let’s recap.


You will receive a HOL Health Home Workout Bundle which includes:

  • 3 different bodyweight home workout programs
  • 3 different home workouts with dumbbells and,
  • A HOL Health Booty Band for the first 25 people which is all valued at $251.00


Now, my question to you is….Would you like the whole bundle for just $46?

Well, YES, you can have my whole bundle for just $46!

You heard right! Once the first 25 are gone, they’re gone, guys.


So, what are you waiting for?


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