10 Day Alkalising Cleanse

APRIL 17-26, 2023


I started cleansing 7 years ago after I left the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event. I made a decision to see what it feels like to fuel my body with the BEST things and to experience what life would feel like without all my acidic addictions - yes I have them too! Now, my year is not complete without my annual detox!
What will we be eliminating or reducing during this 10-day cleanse?
• Animal products
• Processed sugar (junk foods)
• Gluten
• Caffeine
• Nicotine
• Alcohol
• Dairy
• Processed vinegar
This cleanse is for people seeking a release from their unhealthy addictions, this is a great test in mindset and to show yourself that YOU have control over what you put into your body.
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This is also beneficial to:

  • Shed excess weight that may be a result of stuff that needs to dislodge from your organ walls - I usually shed 3-4kgs in these 10 days, it always amazes me how much ‘stuff’ is stored in my body -- water retention, bloating, and inflammation (this is me)!
  • Regulate your bowel movements - because our fibre increases to what we should actually be consuming, your bowel movements will  start to become healthy and normalised.
  • Gain more energy - the foods that we will eat will be super water-rich, which means our digestive system will have a break, which in turn means we will be able to take advantage of the extra energy!
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  • Have glowing skin - you skin speaks to you about what is going on internally. During this cleanse your skin will be proof of that!
  • Reduce acidity - disease and illness love living in an acidic environment, in fact they thrive in them.
  • Regulate your appetite and cravings - since you will be fuelling your body with essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, you will find that you naturally eat less, it’s so good!
Prove to yourself that you can do anything.
You will be in a closed group of mine on Facebook where we will share our consumed food each day, share recipes and have each others backs when anyone is having an ‘off’ day.
Let these 10 days be totally about you and living your healthiest and happiest life. The best way I can describe it is that you will feel well, and it is shocking to know that some people have no idea of how good they can actually feel!
The beauty with this is that there is no calorie counting, you can eat as much as you like!


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