12-Day Fat Loss Challenge

FEB 5- 16

12 Day Food Challenge

“I’ve put on weight”
“I’m just not eating right”
“I can’t fit into my clothes”
“My mental health is so bad"
I’ve been listening fam and I’ve been working on a way to help you with food habits and here it is..
Would you feel better if you:
  • Bust centimetres off your body? Or,
  • Got into a better eating routine? Or,
  • Fit back into your snug clothes? Or,
  • Felt more confident and energised?
Or maybe you are needing all of the above?
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Whatever it is, this 12-Day Food For Fat Loss Challenge is heavily focused on nutrition and a technique that has had lots of success on many of my clients.

Your food habits play a big role in your health and if you’re overweight, you will learn a simple technique to complement that.

The goal is to get you to eat healthily, get to a healthy weight range, and to give you the tools to get there if you are overweight.

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The challenge includes:
  • Goal Setting
  • Inclusion to our Facebook Group
  • Daily accountability
  • Nutrition advice
  • Health advice
  • Access To an effective fat loss technique
  • Group weight management hypnosis
  • Prize for the best transformation
  • Health pre-screening prior to commencement
I’d love to show you a very effective way to bust centimeters off your body and to walk with more body confidence! 

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