Your Mindset Determines Your Identity

Who are you?

We are influenced by the people who raised us and we tend to live our lives and in the mindset of the people that we were surrounded by as we grew up.

Self discovery is a great tool and a question that I love pondering is ‘who do you become in a time of adversity?’…

It’s a bit of a weird time in the world, , we are in the midst of a global pandemic and there’s a lot of fear. Fear and I aren’t close friends, I’ve discovered that I don’t function at my best when I’m surrounded by a lot of fear, my mindset prefers living in positivity and I do everything in my power to shift into a growth mindset.

There are three types of mindsets that you can operate from.

Fear Mindset

This fear-based approach to life is often influenced by something called the scarcity mindset – thinking we will never have or be enough. We fear messing up or making a big mistake because others may not love us or they may view us as less than

Learning Mindset

A learning mindset refers to an individual’s basic orientation towards the act of learning. This mindset is the critical stepping stone from fear to growth.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the one we must strive towards regularly. A growth mindset is one that is expansive open and it’s the one that creates the happiness and sense of achievement we seek.  People who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset and they tend to achieve more than those with a fear based mindset

1. Fear Mindset.

Here are things that you might say to yourself in a fear based mindset:

  • I contribute to the spread of fear and anger.
  • I become judgmental and reactive.
  • I get frustrated easily I complain a lot.
  • I grab food, toilet paper and medications that I don’t need and to hell with others.

2. Learning Mindset.

 Some things that you might say to yourself if you are in a learning mindset:

  • I start to release the grip of what I can’t control.
  • I steer away from the over consumption of things that cause negative emotions such as food and the news.
  • I take my time before I speak or react.
  • I become aware of my emotions without reacting.
  • I properly assess information before contributing it.
  • I understand that everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have.

3. Growth Mindset.

Here are some phrases that a growth mindset will live by:

  • I think of others and see how I can serve them.
  • I share my gift with those who may be in need.
  • I gratefully live in the present and I focus on the future.
  • I am empathetic and compassionate with myself and with others.
  • I practice gratitude daily and appreciate others.
  • I maintain a healthy routine to ensure a positive mindset and spread hope.
  • I am proactive in pivoting my life to adapt to new changes.
  • I practice patience, love and creativity.

Have a think about which mindset you may be operating from today and consider if a simple shift in your self talk could help you remember to be positive and optimistic.

In a growth mindset we can always learn and become better at anything we set our mind too..