25: “WTF Is Wrong With Me?!”.. Maybe It’s The Let Down Effect

Today’s episode is on something called the Let Down Effect. This is a condition where your body is so exhausted from an event or stress that it gets sick, ill or get so out of whack that weird things begin to happen like skin conditions or head colds or even much more serious diseases…

You must tune in to this episode because I chat about:
-The Let Down Effect and what it is (9.40)
-How this condition can affect kids at school as well as adults (10.14)
-Anxiety and mental health caused by this condition (10.35)
-Skin conditions, flare ups, fatigue and why this may be caused by the let down effect (10.53)
-how the best day of your life can be the worst day of your life, like weddings (11.58)
-what stress is and how it affects your body, i break it right down (18.05)
-I give you 5 ways to help protect yourself from ever experiencing this (24.07)
-I also give you 3 physical ways to protect your body from the let down effect (28.50)
-I share 3 mental ways to protect your body from this condition (29.36)
-And so much more..!

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