At-Home Workouts That You’ll Love

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Welcome to the era of self-isolation! I have decided to do something special for you! For the last 2 weeks, I have been busy working with my assistant on the perfect at-home workout for you and it is finally ready to leave my hot little hands and jump into yours!

I created the perfect Body Weight Workout that requires no equipment. Yes, you heard right, NO equipment needed! There is more good news. The workout itself is just 15 minutes long, now seriously, you definitely have 15 minutes to look after your health right? Of course, you do! If you have 30 minutes all you need to do is repeat the same workout, sound simple enough Great!

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$24 (inc. GST)

There are many opinions on ‘how’ to eat, but I’ve made it easy for you. Stick to it and you can finally achieve the results you’ve been yearning for. How would you feel if you found a way to eat well, that’s not too hard to stick to and you can still have a treat? All your friends will be asking you what you are doing, compliments on how you look will become a daily occurrence, and you will become the talk of the town!

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