Christmas is creeping up on us!

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is the love and kindness that blossoms throughout the holidays.

With Christmas fast approaching I decided to sneak in some more love and kindness with a 5 Week Christmas Crunch Program. That way my clients spend the Festive Season celebrating with healthy, fit bodies! (November 19th- December 24th)

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that I was caught up in a whirlwind of fad diets, had an inconsistent training schedule, a very odd sleeping pattern, a terrible diet and engaged in toxic behaviours. Well, if you don’t know already, I was an MC and a DJ for a decade of my life… And WOW was it a quick, fun and crazy 10 years!

I mentioned that because the people you surround yourself with really do make an impact on your life. There’s a saying that says: You are the sum of the 5 people that you are around the most, so choose wisely. I’m a firm believer of that and have experienced it first hand many times. When I created HOL Health I visualised a beautiful crew of people. I wanted to build something special, so I had to protect it. The people invited into our HOL Crew had to share my same values. To build a healthy, like-minded circle of amazing humans that will support, lift and empower each other. And boy, have we done that!

I created Small Group Personal Training because 1) I didn’t have enough time to train 1 on 1 clients and 2) I wanted people to achieve more.

I sat down and thought about what I, myself, wanted from a coach… (I have 2 different coaches and 3 different mentors, I invest in them and encourage you to do the same!)

I was sick of losing motivation at the gym, going back to eating junk food all the time and not having a body that I was envisioning and wanted so badly! Why was it so hard?!

I wished that I had a small group of like-minded people that I could train with that would push me and challenge me. I love being in an environment where everyone is there to support and push each other to be better.

I wished that I had a coach that encompassed all areas of training to make sure that I didn’t get injured, to keep my muscles supple and flexible, to increase my strength and work my cardiovascular system to keep me fit. I was always injured, never strong enough or fit enough.

I was SO sick of getting injured all the time and not knowing what I was doing wrong!

I wished for a coach that didn’t hand out the same meal plans to everyone. I wanted to eat what I liked and I wanted to treat myself every so often and still be fit and healthy. There must be a way!

I wished for a coach that cared for me and fought for my goals with me. OMG, how motivating would that be?!

I made my mind up. That’s what I wanted. To inspire and motivate more people. To have a small group of people that will build their best bodies together, which in turn would create a more positive mindset and a zest for life that is missing in today’s fast-paced society.

So I got to work with one thing in mind. To help other people in a similar situation as mine achieve their dreams! I put pen to paper and I created my HOL System.

Imagine losing 40cm all over in 4 weeks.

How would you feel if you lost 5 kilograms in 30 days?

Would you feel happier if your body started feeling and moving like it was 10 years younger?

Would you feel unstoppable if you could press over double your body weight on a leg press machine having had a debilitating knee injury?

These are some of the fabulous results from the HOL Crew!

After our very first 4 Week Kick Starter Program I had emails, texts and constant streams of messages of people feeling ALIVE and the best they’ve ever felt about themselves!

Something magical happened the day HOL Health was born and I am honoured and blessed to be able to help those that I meet, no matter how big or small the goal or challenge is.

This Christmas I want to inspire people to have a super strong mindset when it comes to healthy eating and consistent fitness. That’s why I’m passionate about this last program of the year. I want everyone to go into Christmas and the New Year with a mindset of ‘Nothing is stopping me anymore. I am not going to let myself go anymore. I will put myself first. I will control my eating. I will make exercise a new habit. I will do what’s best for my body. I have a support network to help me in my weak moments. I KNOW I can do this. I WILL do this.’

The Christmas Crunch is about setting you up for the year ahead and giving you the tips and tricks needed to eat wisely because, I for one, understand all of the feasting that goes on in the Festive Season.

One of the biggest complaints I receive is over eating and over drinking at Christmas time. People have told me that they have put on 3-5 kilograms just over the Christmas season!

I give the tools and support needed to get through all feasting to make sure no-one puts on unwanted kilos.

I want 2019 to be your BEST year ever!

And on a side note, how good is it going into the holidays feeling more energised, more confident in swimmers, eating better and feeling an immense love for life?!

The takeaway tip is this. Surround yourself with people that will lift you higher, encourage you and believe in you. Do whatever you must to make this happen. It changed my life. If you are feeling stuck or just need a big boost to move you up to the next level – be a little selfish and make a drastic change.

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