Why Can't I Lose Weight?!

Countless times I am met by clients and people who are frustrated at their lack of results with their exercise and diet.

As a Personal Trainer I was taught that the only way to lose weight is, if energy in (calories in) does not exceed the energy out. Meaning, the reason you are not losing weight is because you are eating more than you are burning. And for a long time that is all I would preach to my clients. Until the complaint kept coming up again and again.

“I’m eating right, I train regularly but this fat just won’t budge!”
“I have thyroid issues and can’t lose wait”
“I’ve tried everything and the weight doesn’t shift”

It was this ongoing frustration, of people not being able to lose weight, that got me thinking. I’m one of those people that listens when the universe speaks to me. My thought pattern immediately shifted to: If the universe is presenting me with this problem, maybe I should look into it more and see if there is something missing from the equation.

Millions of people around the world can’t be wrong, can they?

How come some people can eat whatever they want and remain thin? Is it really as simple as a fast metabolism?

And then, what causes a plateau in fat loss? Is it really as simple as energy in vs energy out? And if so, how come millions of people are still struggling?

I’ve read countless scientific studies on fat loss, but I do know that there are things that science can’t explain, so I went in search for more answers.

I’ve always believed that when our organs aren’t happy or in optimum health then we begin experiencing health concerns.

My beliefs were affirmed when I was talking with my friends Carmen and Poppy. Carmen mentioned that I should read a book titled The Medical Medium, because the author and I had
similar beliefs. I read the book, it’s by Anthony William. I’ve read it about 10 times. As I read his books, listened to his podcasts and began countless hours of research, it all made sense to me. My soul felt at ease.

I offer my clients the opportunity to take part in my guided Alkalising Cleanse once a year. However, in our last cleanse that finished 2 weeks ago, I also added a ‘Healing Cleanse’ as recommended by Anthony Williams. I want the best for everyone that I am surrounded by and I believe that cleansing is super important to everyone’s health.

There is only so much ‘abuse’ you can throw into your system before your organs, especially your liver, thyroid and adrenals, say: “You know what? I can’t do this anymore. Please change the way you’re treating me so I can help you live a better life, because I’m about to tap out.” I’d like to change your perspective into thinking that every meal is your opportunity to help yourself. Ask yourself before each food or drink you are about to consume: “Is this feeding a disease or fighting one?”

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but if you feel like you may have a sluggish liver or that something just doesn’t feel right, then I advise you to start helping your insides. How?

Begin by eating every few hours to help maintain the liver’s glucose supply at a healthy level. Stop eating so much fat like grease, fried foods and too much meat. A lot of my clients now eat heaps of fruits and vegetables every day and have limited meat to just once a day!

As Anthony Williams says: “And if you think so, then do an animal protein once a day. I have seen it change everything. If you do an animal protein once a day and you mix it up, you get more fruits and vegetables, more leafy greens, a few more nuts and seeds, some almond butter, some avocado and then the strawberries, those other berries that were going to talk about, raspberries, blackberries and you mix it up, you get some different sugars that are from high quality sources. Even avocado has really high quality sugar inside of it. That’s the fruit sugar. That’s what I mean, that fructose inside the avocado. These things protect the liver because it’s about the liver getting regenerated, replenished as fast as possible with that lost glucose reserve.”

“Some people have all three things going on, thyroid, adrenals and liver.”

Even emotional and mental stress and trauma can cause our insides to wreak havoc if we haven’t healed.

There’s so much to cover but I’m going to keep it really simple.

I recommend to start this protocol daily.

Start with a cleansing drink first thing in the morning. To go through your body to cleanse, flush and
feed any stressed out organs. Anthony Williams has some good ones! 400mls of:

• Lemon Water
• Celery, Cucumber and Parsley Juice (great combo for weight loss to purge and feed the liver)
• Celery Juice
• Cucumber Juice
• Ginger infused water with raw honey

If you can’t have a cleansing drink, have cleansing foods!

• Wild blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
• Dark leafy greens (not steamed)
• Apples – red and green
• All different types of fruits
• Make a smoothie!

Unfortunately coffee doesn’t heal the liver, so have it 15 minutes AFTER your cleansing drink, if you must. Or change it to Dandelion Root Tea, its great for weight loss and the liver, even Hibiscus Tea is great for you.

So, for those of you that have tried everything for weight loss and nothing seems to be working, give this a try for 6 months straight and see what happens. I’d love to hear your stories. Eating more fruits and vegetables is something we all need to do so I encourage you to begin today.

Cleansing and helping your organs is beneficial for everyone!

Good Luck, I hope this helps you!