Build Your Best Body in 8 Weeks!
The Build Your Best Body Program is your very own Personal Trainer, right in your pocket! With access to your own E-Books to make sure you understand every exercise, your weekly workout programs, workout logs, 20+ nutritional recipes, sample meal plans, do’s and don’ts of nutrition PLUS loads more information included in your 60 day program, this is sure to keep you focused and driven to succeed in your mission to build your best body!

– Who is it suitable for?

I wrote this program with a few people in mind. If you have trained for ages and never had a “WOW-I’m-in-the-best-shape-I’ve-ever-been” moment, or if you feel like you just need a KICK-ASS program to kickstart your health and fitness lifestyle and are driven to follow a professionally designed program, then this is for you!

If you currently have a gym membership, feel a little lost in gym or haven’t reached your goals and are not seeing the results you’re after, don’t fret anymore!

NB: My exercises use gym equipment

– What is it?

It is a workout and nutrition program, supported by me.

It is the best 60 Day Transformation Program you will do! I designed a weekly workout program that you can do at the gym, which involves 1-3 days a week of strength training to tone up, 1-2 days a week of High Intensity Cardio to torch the fat off your body, 1 day a week of mobility work to make sure your muscles stay lean, sexy and to avoid the stiff, bulky look, as well as including steady state cardio to help your transformation!

You can customise the training schedule to suit your lifestyle. What you will experience is a super effective method and what I have successfully done for 3 years with my personal clients. I have detailed descriptions of each exercise in your Workout Guide E-Book.

– What benefits will I see?

Where do I start?!

One major benefit is that you have the flexibility to do it anytime you like whether it be the morning, afternoon, lunchtime… the flexibility is all yours.

More benefits from the program include my personal fave – feeling healthier, happier, fitter and much more confident with your body by the end of the 60 days. And this is the mindset I’d love to embed in your brain for the rest of your life. You can continue this program forever!

You will build consistency, feel more energised, you’ll feel confident at the gym and be motivated to train. You may even motivate those around you, I’ve seen it happen many times!

– How will I stay accountable?

I like holding my clients accountable, so since I am now your PT in your pocket, I have included Workout Logs which you can print out and write on or screenshot and mark it up on your smart phone to ensure you continually progress in the program and stay accountable. On the logs you will track your reps and weights to make sure you are improving each week.

I will also go through your program with you before you begin with a personal Coaching Call as well as hold a monthly ‘Accountability’ webinar!

I’d love you to hashtag #holhealthbybb when you do your workout, take a progress photos or a gym selfie. This will help me see that you are continually training. I will respond to each and every photo or comment on instagram!

– Does food matter?

OMG. Yes! But I have got that covered for you! The nutrition guide is downloadable and has sample meal plans so you can learn how to eat each day. My Hol Health Method will teach you how to eat for weight loss, to burn fat and to build up your lean muscle. Vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters don’t stress. I have daily food samples for all of you included so that you never feel lost with what to eat during the day. Once you understand how to structure your day, the rest is easy!

I’ve added links to some of the recipes for you. AND if you get creative, please please please hashtag #holhealthbybb so I can see your meals! I like eating vegan, vegetarian and meat meals, so I mix it up daily and am always up for eating trying new recipes and eating new foods.

I’ve also popped in how to eat depending on what time you train ie. If you’re a morning, lunch or evening trainer there is a sample meal plan for you!

– Feel Supported. This is invaluable.

Become part of The Hol Crew in my exclusive closed Facebook group which consists of value packed FB lives, where you can ask as many questions as you like and feel supported with like-minded individuals sharing yummy recipes and success stories! There is no such thing as a silly question!

– Coaching

You will receive a one one one 30 minute coaching call pre-program, I will run through the program with you to ensure you feel confident and ready to start the online program. I will also hold a monthly group accountability session over ZOOM to check in on you.

You can ask question in our exclusive Facebook Group, you can ask me a million questions on our coaching calls too!

To train with me 1 on 1 this whole system is valued at OVER $3200.00

Are you ready for the good news?

The Build Your Best Body Program is yours for just $69!

Why? Because I want to make this available to as many people as possible who don’t have the opportunity to train with a Personal Trainer.

How do I enroll to receive this program?

Click the “BUY NOW” button below. Once your order is received you will receive an email confirming your purchase and outlining the details you need for your new program!


Receive a HOL Health recovery pack for your Mobility Days which include your very own foam roller, stretch band and trigger ball. Valued at $69.95!