Back On Track

FEB 6 - MAR 5

let's get Back on track!

7 years ago I created HOL Health and the HOL Crew was born. The best feeling is having amazing proximity - people that push you to be better than you were yesterday.

I have a 28-Day Back On Track Plan starting February 6th where you get to be surrounded by positivity!

I have a few amazing "28-Day Focuses" this year and you should totally jump in and be part of them. This first one is all about getting back on track after January’s madness!

The expectation of you is quite simple, just show up each day.

Being part of the HOL Crew means you will all be working towards an outcome at the same time which makes this challenge highly motivating! This 42 days is just what you need.

The winner will be the person who gets back on track the best according to the challenge requirements!

Challenge Posts

Who’s it for?

Anyone and everyone (18+ preferably)! That means you do not have to be physically training with me or be a regular client! I’ve created it in a way that you can be part of it from wherever you are in the world.


What’s included?

• A 28-Day Back On Track Scorecard that you’ll get to tick off each night
• All the essential habits that high performers do each day
• Access to the 12-Day Food For Fat Loss Focus
• The HOL Health Nutrition Book with over 100 pages of easy recipes to cook up during these 28 Days
• The HOL Health Plant Based Recipe Book, these 2 books can be saved in your ‘Notes’ app on your phone for easy access!
• Exercise habits to follow
• Weekly online challenges in our private Facebook Group, these 4 challenges are SO good!
• Measurements tracking for accountability
• 3 x Sample Meal Plans + Shopping lists
• Weekly Q&A
• Accountability, accountability, accountability
• A group sunrise yoga + meditation session at Bondi


Take the pressure off, relax and let’s have fun getting back on track! This is not solely focused on exercise. We have a large part consisting of sharpening the mind and on nutrition. This Plan will work with your current situation, I designed it for everyone to be able to be a part of it.

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Back on Track

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“Helen, is a very professional coach. She is a person that listens to what your goals are and develops plans/materials/coaching to help you achieve her goals. I have been with Helen for a long time now. We have been able to achieve so many of my goals including losing 50kgs and many more to come. She is inspirational and pushes you when u don’t want to do anything. She has developed a community of like minded people as well. The group are a bunch of awesome people that have a lot of fun together. I am blessed to have Helen and the group in my life.” NW


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