7: Happy Wife, Happy Life, Happy Sex Life with Carol Mollica

Amazing, successful relationships don’t arise because people are lucky. Successful relationships are available to everyone! This is why I interviewed relationship expert Carol Mollica to break down some of the foundations and principles of being in a relationship.

The quality of your relationship can sometimes determine the quality of your life, so how is yours going?

In today’s episode we get down to the nitty gritty of relationships and we chat about

-The foundations of a healthy relationship (11.47)
-Learning to speak your partners love language (12.04)
-What happens if your issues get swept under the carpet (15.20)
-How relationship stress can manifest into disease and how to stop it in its tracks (17.10)
-The signs of a toxic relationship that you must be aware of (20.20)
-How to protect yourself from toxic relationships (22.23)
-What to do if your marriage is crumbling and how to save it (28.33)
-How to manifest your ultimate relationship (32.48)
-Why smart phones can ruin your relationship (35.18)
-Has your relationship fallen into a slump? We chat about how to reignite the spark (38.37)
-13 things that couples with great sex lives ‘do’ (40.13)
-Why people cheat and what to look out for to protect your relationship (51.51)
-What shuts down intimacy in a relationship (54.36)
-Plus so much more!

Links mentioned in the show:

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