5: Unhappy? How To Get Happy Right Now!

One thing that I notice is that living in a greatful state counteracts a negative mindset. The problem with that, is that people don’t know ‘how’ to do it every single day and that is what motivated me for today’s episode.

I coach you on tangible tools that you can use to start living your happiest life.

That’s right, happiness is available for you, right now!

Some of the things I chat about today:
-How to shift a negative state of mind (5.53)
-I explain exactly what gratitude is and how you can start practising it (6.28)
-How you can attain a greater sense of happiness (7.55)
-What you can do to increase your optimism, relieve depression, improve immune function and lower blood pressure (8.46)
-Strengthening your relationships (9.48)
-Learn how to stop comparing yourself to other people (11.34)
-How to cultivate gratitude, I give you 6 really cool ideas (12.43)
-How to become successful mindfully(16.44)
-How to find your inner peace from someone that has hurt you (19.42)
-Tips on becoming a calm, in control person (23.01)
-The trick to meditating (25.16)
-I share some cool studies on meditation (26.35)
-I take you through a 5 minute gratefulness meditation to set up your day or night! (31.42)

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