4 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Hot Water

Forget cold water, drinking hot water is such a simple and helpful, healthy hack.

Drinking hot water has so many benefits and one thing that I love doing is drinking a hot water when I wake up. What I used to do when I was out the door early was fill up my water bottle with warm water and take it with me to work because I had a fitness or a yoga class to teach. Now, due to the online nature of my business and the massive life change the pandemic brought about, I drink a glass (or three) of hot water before I start my day!

If you have never done it before, drinking hot water can feel a little different and it might take some getting used to.

How hot is hot? 

It would be a great idea to mention that the water can be warm to hot but not boiling. Think of it like this. You have been in ‘storage mode’ while you have been asleep and all of your organs have been resting. Think of the warm water going down your throat and into your organs and clearing out anything in the way. It helps to kickstart your digestive system, cleanse your system and hydrate your body in a gentle yet effective way.

I have a body type that loves to retain water (or maybe I enjoy too many carbs) so in this case the benefits of drinking hot water in the morning for a body type that can put weight on easily is so beneficial.

Here are 4 reasons why you should drink hot water:

1) Weight Loss

Another thing you could do is add lemon to your water, maybe with a pinch of Himalayan salt because that can also help your cortisol (stress) levels first thing in the morning. The lemon will aid your digestive system while the hot water will help break up adipose tissue which is the fat tissue which we don’t really like. If you are on a weight loss journey or a health kick I highly recommend you start implementing warm water first thing in the morning to give your organs a flush and to break things up that might have attached to the linings of any of your organs. We want beautiful blockage free organs!

2) Helps With Menstrual Cramps

If you are reading this and you suffer with menstrual cramps, drinking hot water has a soothing effect on your abdominal muscles. Just like a hot water bottle or a heat pack does its job from the outside the hot water will do its job from the inside.

Next time you are hurling over in pain try drinking hot water to help ease the cramps.
*Hot Tip: You could even diffuse some chamomile leaves or a tea bag with a teaspoon of Manuka honey for some additional healing.

3) Detoxify In The Morning

This is my favourite reason.

Hot water helps to cleanse your digestive tract. Our digestive tract does so much work and if we can help alleviate some of the energy that it uses to help us digest throughout the day, we can use that energy for our positive mood and productivity.

The way hot water detoxifies the body is that it increases our body temperature. When our body temperature increases we begin to sweat and when we sweat we eliminate toxins from our body. Drinking hot water helps release these toxins from our body. And just like in point number 1,  you can again add a little bit of fresh lemon to your hot water to amp up the detoxification process.

We have heard that dentists do not recommend this because it can break down the enamel from your teeth. I suggest, if you do have weak teeth, that you drink it from a beautiful bamboo straw.

4) Aids Blood Circulation

Drinking hot water keeps your nervous system in check.

It aids your circulation by breaking down fat deposits that are around the nervous system. We do not want excess fat inside our body and hot water is a free and simple way to optimise your health and give you a great start to your day!

So, what are you waiting for? Warm up the kettle and drink a warm glass of water right now!