13: Stop Letting Painful Memories Control You

Stop Letting Painful Memories Control You

Pain comes in all forms and I remember experiencing so much physical , mental and emotional pain in my life. 2 of my biggest emotional pains are the loss of my darling friends Josie and Alice, 2 of my biggest physical pains are my back and wrist injury contributing to a decade of pain, 1 of my biggest mental pains were not understanding my purpose and always being broke.

Now I am abundant, pain free, grateful and bloody loving life. So let’s get you to stop letting painful memories control you. Because that’s what you want right? A system, a way out.

Today I chat about:
– Some of my history and an insight into my life (4.39)
– Why your stuck in your painful memory (9.28)
– What you have to do to move away from your hurt (10.05)
– Why we don’t move forward from our painful past (11.14)
– I give you 5 tools to help you overcome your painful memories (14.26)
– I share with you the questions you must answer to be ABLE to move forward (15.02)
– Why this happened to you (18.03)
– How to flip your mindset from negative to positive (19.04)
– How to begin the process of letting go of painful memories (20.37)
– And so much more…!